Crop productivity

Vegetable crop yields

Strawberry yields:

Year 2 - data from the 2 yr rotation treatments Mother Trial.

Strawberry yields were strongly affected by Verticillium wilt (Fig. 1). Anaerobic soil disinfestation did not eliminate disease, but resulted in highest yields. Mustard cake was not effective against Verticillium.

Figure 1 strawberry yields and disease incidence

Year 4: Data from both the 2yr and 4 yr rotations Mother Trial

Data are still being analyzed but it seems that both ASD treatments tended to increase yields, and having lettuce as the previous crop before strawberry reduced yields relative to having broccoli.

strawberry yield MT 

A similar pattern is seen in severity of wilt symptoms with wilt incidence reduced when broccoli is grown prior to strawberry.  ASD treatments also tended to reduce disease in the 2 year rotations more than in the 4 year rotations